Exalted with Loremasters Faction

[EDIT] I repeatedly speak about the LOREMASTER faction, though in fact it’s actually the LOREWALKERS faction.  Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks to BlizzplanetWow Insider and Michael Sacco I experienced the easiest faction grind ever last night, leveling from Neutral to Exalted with the Loremasters in a little more than an hour.  I’ve been doing a bit of complaining lately here on my blog and twitter about how difficult Blizzard has made the faction rep grinds in MoP.  And coincidentally I had just started working on Loremasters rep yesterday about 30 minutes before reading Michael’s post at WoW Insider.  I was sitting at 525 Archeology and was thinking how difficult and lengthy the grind was going to be.  Less than two hours later though, I was exalted!

And if you’re perhaps thinking that the faction isn’t worth leveling, Blizzard did an amazing job at flushing out one of the best aspects of WoW with it– it’s history.  Blizzard made the faction grind truly fun by using the experience to introduce the history of Pandaria to us through it.  Including visiting the location of where the MoP trailer occurs.

Once you complete the circuit and return to Loremaster Cho you get the pleasure of hearing even more in several short historical monologues.  I had a great time with the achievements and sincerely hope Blizzard adds to this over time.  Great job Blizzard!

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