Okay I Sort of Like Symbiosis Afterall

I’m nothing if not resistant to change, and true to form I’d been mostly “meh” regarding Symbiosis since MoP was released.  So much so that I hadn’t even placed it on my bar until recently.  I’ve fallen back into my PVP Healing ways, running BGs as Resto the past couple of days.  And I’ve had a bit of a change of heart regarding Symbiosis because of it.  As Feral I wasn’t overly excited about any of the options available to the spec, and especially in the PVE setting.  But I have an entirely different feeling as Resto where many of the abilities are quite useful in PVE and PVP alike.

Just look at some of the best abilities Resto gets from Symbiosis:  Icebound Fortitude, Deterrence, Iceblock, Leap of Faith, Evasion, and Demonic Circle: Teleport.  Every one of which are terrific choices for PVP.  And since I’m mostly interested in Resto in a PVP setting, that’s really how I judge things.  I’m still mostly PVE suited, and several of these abilities absolutely saved my bacon more than once in the past couple of days.  Clearly those abilities are way better than Feral’s.  Now if Blizzard would just reduce the 5 second cast time…

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